The Reign

Owing to “het Oversticht” the vassals of the bishop lived in the towns Goor en Vollenhove.   In the township Goor (who became urban rights in 1263 from the suzerain Hendrik van Vianden) existed a big castle where “borgmannen” (vassals) was protected against  agressors. That vassals lived normally in  nobly houses around the castle in the countryside. From the castle was governed the hole area of Twente, support by the chapter lords of Oldenzaal en the Teutonic Knights in Ootmarsum.

The superintendent (highest vassal) of Twente was Henric van Weldam. He cashed the “precario et pecunia”(taxes in goods and money) in name of the bishop and took his part of it as vassal. This happened in the Court of Goor, situated near by the castle on “Het Schild” (an by hand raised hill with a canal around) in the township of Goor. The right to cash was in 1333 in hands of Henric van Solms. This family “von Solms” are still living there in de neighbourhood, on the estate Weldam south nearby the township Goor.