The census of 1748 and 1795 

In 1748 a census was held by the region administration of the Republic of Seven Provinces Netherlands (the precursor of the kingdom), where “Utrecht” with the “Over-sticht”  (Overijssel) belonged as a part of it. In 1795 was held a new census under the French administration of the “Bataafse Republiek” (Batavian Republic, so called under the first occupation by Napoleon).


At the first census in 1748 in the in the hamlet Weddehoen and Cottwijk is listed “de 4 eerder genoemden bij Cobrugge” (the four earlier mentioned at “Cobrugge”). It are Henric and Fenna Cobrugge with their son Rolef (1/4year old).


At the second census between 23 and 31 October 1795 on number 10 was listed  Roelof Coebrugge as a grower with 3 persons. At number 11 resided Gerrit Coebrugge with 5 persons and at number 12 Roelof “Mossendam” (an alias of Coebrugge) lived 4 persons.